Saturday, September 15, 2007

James blunt-All the lost souls

I recently got my hands on this album which is a sophomore to the multiple platinum winning, blunt album, back to bedlam. Back to bedlam had its own positive sides. It had some really good numbers like You're beautiful, Cry, Goodbye my lover and a few more. But this new album, I must say is a real improvement in blunt's music. The album although does not have songs as good as the above mentioned but as a whole it has good tracks. The track listing contains the new single, 1973, which is still making hits all over the music scene. It has tracks that makes listeners want to sing along. Songs like I really want you, Same mistake, Annie and shine on are really worth listening and surely stand with James blunt's debut album hits. The music has improved a lot and is worth listening.

20-20 Cricket world cup

Cricket's had it's ups and downs. People went crazy for their teams (and they still do). At times they even went crazy the other way when the teams, they supported, lost.. Cricket is a funny game. First there was just those boring test matches which would go for as long as five days and end up in.. well, nothing. Then the cricket world took a turn.. the game was reduced to a bare 1 day. One day cricket matches were good and sometimes they were bad too. Bad in a sense that they'd provide no entertainment. And finally, now, the world of cricket has entered into a complete new era of what they call 20 20 cricket.. I do not need to explain the 20 20 cricket as every one already knows about it.. The ongoing world cup is providing real entertainment to the game lovers all over the world.. Although people have criticized over the game layout, still the majority favors this game type. The games have been providing real entertainment since set backs as the humiliating defeats of Australia and west indies by novice teams like Zimbabwe and Bangladesh respectively. These two teams have come up as real eye openers for the cricket lovers as they have presented cricket in a fascinating way. While the cup continues, everyone expects better entertainment , which is the main purpose behind such sports.

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